More than $300,000 raised 奖学金

Student Investment 午餐 2022

A record number attended the 利记APP官网状态 未来的基础's Student Investment 午餐 and 拍卖 on Thursday, November 10, 2022, and helped raise more than $300,000 奖学金.

Hanceville, AL — The 利记APP官网状态 未来的基础 held its annual Student Investment 午餐 and 拍卖 Thursday, raising more than $300,000 towards providing a better future for 利记APP官网状态 社区 College students thanks to the record number of supporters in attendance.

“It’s not easy being a college student,” said 未来的基础 President 比尔圣. 约翰. “It takes commitment, time, a lot of hard work and money. 有很多 hurdles that must be cleared. There are many who have the drive and are willing to put in the work who might not quite be able to afford the time away from a job or maybe just the money to buy gas. That’s where the 未来的基础 comes in. 我们试着 to help as many of those committed students as possible.

“Over the last decade the Foundation has awarded over $2 million dollars in scholarships to over 3,000 deserving students,” St. 约翰说. “This 一年 alone we awarded over $410,000 to a record number 249 students.”

St. 约翰 said he is proud to serve on the Foundation board and be a supporter of the college like the nearly 600 seated in 传统银行 Arena at Tom Drake Coliseum.

“Y’all keep coming back and keep supporting the students, keep showing up and buying 拍卖品,”他说. “I don’t think you’re here for the lunch. 我知道你不是 来听演讲. You know that the graduates of this institution are the lifeblood 我们的社区. You know that they are the energy that drives us all forward. 谢谢 you for being here again and thank you for bringing your wallet. 给自己一个大大的 pat on the back and when you go in almost any business in this county, look around and know that you’ve helped someone who matters to be there.”

比尔圣. 约翰

比尔圣. 约翰, President of the 利记APP官网状态 未来的基础 Board of Directors, addresses the record number of supporters in attendance for the annual Student Investment 午餐 & 拍卖.

Before announcing the total amount of money raised through sponsorships, donations and the live and silent auctions, Suzanne Harbin, WSCC Vice President for Advancement and Innovation named around three dozen new scholarships established in the last 12 个月. Of those, more than 30 are endowed at $25,000 or more. 新的奖学金 包括:

  • The Adams' Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Alabama Trucking Association Foundation
  • 阿利妇女俱乐部
  • Berta Mae McGriff Endowed Scholarship
  • 好望城
  • 奥尼昂塔市
  • 卡尔曼妇女联盟
  • Cullman County Auburn Club
  • 卡尔曼扶轮社
  • Tomesa史密斯
  • 埃德加和伊玛琳·巴卢
  • Fontaine Road to Success
  • 戈尔丁家庭护理
  • 霍华德P. 和Retha Tinney
  • The 首页town Bank of Alabama
  • 杰基·摩尔纪念馆
  • 简·巴伯纪念医院
  • Jenny Folsom Faculty Professional Development
  • 詹姆斯·戴维斯一家
  • Drinkard发展
  • Ryan Hayes Memorial Scholarship
  • 约翰和伊丽莎白·亨特
  • Joseph and Elva Cucunato Memorial
  • 凯莉D. Caples纪念
  • McKenna Grace Sharpton Memorial
  • Patrick Drake Memorial 男人的高尔夫球
  • Pepper and Jim Hoover 护理
  • 伦道夫·瑞安纪念堂
  • 理查德·伯克特纪念馆
  • Schulte Building Solutions/Inland Buildings
  • Shirley Quattlebaum State Farm
  • 传统银行
  • 急救中心
  • Yutaka
  • Fellowship of the Trade Federation
  • Sophia Nicole Zeigler Memorial and the
  • Student Investment 午餐 2021 Paddle Raise Scholarship

The 利记APP官网状态 未来的基础 is the steward of more than 150 separate scholarships, which help students in various ways, from providing money for gas and food, and textbooks, to full scholarships covering tuition and fees.

The 未来的基础 distributes most of its scholarships annually for each academic 一年. Applications for the 2023-2024 academic 一年 will be taken starting in January and ending in early March. Students must have applied for and been accepted to Wallace State and have a WSCC email address to apply for 未来的基础 scholarships.

For more information about the 未来的基础, see a list of scholarships or donate, 访问 或者拨打256.352.7808.


Employees from Yutaka present $10,000 in donations for its scholarship fund. 如图所示 from left are from Yutaka, Robin McCraw, Jerrica Pratt, Tim Young, and to Suzanne Harbin, Vice President for Advancement and Innovation at 利记APP官网状态.


利记APP官网状态 未来的基础 scholarship recipient Cade Simmons serves Wallace State graduates and former Foundation scholarship recipients Paul and Challie 约翰son Knetter at Thursday’s Student Investment 午餐.


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